Conor has been playing acoustic, classical and electric guitar for over 20 years and has been privileged to have worked with some highly-respected teachers and professional musicians. After studying classical guitar with Trinity College London, while also completing grades with London College of Music and receiving a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology, he has gone on to work in many areas of the music industry - ranging from session playing to full-scale production - and has delved into a wealth of different styles along the way, varying from flamenco to lap-steel. He now has over seven years teaching experience, providing tuition to children and adults of all ages and abilities. As well as offering one-to-one guitar lessons, Conor has also taught in schools and academies in London.

After having spent over ten years in the world of recording - working as an engineer and producer - Conor has also appeared as a session musician on countless singles, EPs and albums for labels and independent artists, covering a wide list of genres, including rock, pop, blues and Rn'B to name a few. He has also worked with well-known producers and artists from Ireland, UK and the US and provided soundtracks for short animations and films, as well as sound design and composition for TV commercials (for national and international brands), London-based film production companies and TV networks worldwide.

Performance wise, much of his own repertoire has concentrated on blues, classical, world and folk - combining different variations in tuning methods - as well as blues, alternative and indie-rock styles in electric, but he has also made appearances with a diverse range of acts from around the world. Conor's education and hands-on experience has helped him transfer his skills to other instruments, such as piano and mandolin, but he can also be heard playing accordion, violin, drums and percussion on various albums and EPs.

Currently, Conor is performing solo and as a session guitarist with groups and artists across London, teaching acoustic, classical and electric guitar and throwing his hand to a few recordings and soundtracks in between.