The definitive guide to replacing your guitar nut

There is plenty of misinformation out there in regards to changing the nut on your guitar. But this recent guide from Guitar magazine is all you need to do the job correctly. And if you don’t need to replace your nut now, it’s likely only a matter of time before you do! Read on: How […]

93-year-old Learning New Guitar Tricks

If you ever used the excuse that you’re too old to learn guitar, this 93-year-old retired doctor can prove that theory wrong. It’s like learning any skill – consistent and repeated practice being the key to building muscle memory. David is proof that, with the right guidance, learning guitar can be immediately rewarding and a […]

Fender Unveils Brand New Guitar Design

It’s been a while since Fender released an entirely new guitar design – after the plethora of variations of their classic Strat, Telecaster, Jaguar and Jazz Master bodies, they have now introduced the Meteora. As part of their ever-increasing Parallel Universe range, this looks something like a cross between a Tele and a Jazz Master. Watch […]

Hi-Power Execs Strumming Away Stress

A lot is made about the de-stressing benefits of learning an instrument, and it would be reasonable to presume, the head of Isuzu India, Ken Takashima, would be fairly under the cosh for a lot of the working week. Here’s a very interesting interview with the man in the Economic Times, discussing his love for […]

A Miraculous Field Recording: The Guitar Playing of Joseph Spence

Here’s a fantastic article from the New Yorker, detailing the life, unique magic (and recording of) Jospeh Spence. A must-read for any American folk and world/ roots fans. It goes into meticulously-researched detail of the means of capturing the album, “Music of the Bahamas, Volume 1: Bahaman Folk Guitar”, which was released by Folkways Records in […]

UK Guitar Show 29-30 of September

This year’s UK Guitar Show, taking place at the Kensington Olympia from the 29th-30th of September, has a ton of workshops, luthier exhibits and tuition clinics on offer – pretty much all things guitar under one roof. The masterclasses for 2018 will be particularly special (Justin Sandercoe and Bridget Mermikides among others) and top of […]