Acoustic is the most common guitar style for singer songwriters and anyone wanting to play popular songs. Pop, folk and early blues styles will all be played on acoustic.

If you're primary goal is to be able to play some of your favourite songs on guitar then this is the best place to start. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

Here are just some of the techniques and theory you will be able to learn:

• Proper positioning and holding of the guitar
• Basic chords and scales
• Barre chords, more advanced scales and chord shapes along the fretboard
• Theory behind chord structure and different styles
• Strumming, timing and alternate rhythm patterns
• Fingerpicking in varying styles
• Introduction and theory behind different genres (Rock, Pop, Reggae, Alternative, Jazz, Blues, Folk)
• Open Tuning - chords, scales and well-known pieces
• Slide/ Lap-steel techniques
• Tablature and music notation
• Songwriting theory and techniques
• Advanced strumming, finger picking and combination rhythm styles
• Maintaining and caring for your instrument