For advanced players, maintaining your level of guitar playing is an on-going process, and what you may have discovered already is that learning a new technique - or even seeing theory from a new perspective – can really inspire and reignite your creativity. Each player will have a different approach to the guitar, and that’s why lessons are always structured to suit each person's strengths - developing an area that you may have previously looked over can be done in a way that suits your current playing style and relates to your existing knowledge:

These are some of the areas covered in each style:



• Modes and their application
• Applying diminished and augmented chords
• Playing outside the key and connecting different keys
• Combing rhythm of the fretboard hand to different picking patterns
• Constructing your own tunings
• Building your own advanced chords in any part of the neck
• Building your own harmonised scale patterns
• Advanced understanding of timbre and chord voicings
• Dobro/ Lap-slide picking
• Advanced listening development



• Advanced application of modes
• Combining scales and playing outside the key
• Building chromatic chord progressions
• Atonal/ limited-transposition scales and application
• Slide/ hybrid picking styles
• Advance syncopation and chord substitution