Everyone has different requirements for learning the guitar, so one of the most fundamental aspects of teaching is to provide a fresh and unique approach to suit each person's needs.

Learning to play the guitar isn'’t just about learning a few strumming patterns and a few chords and scales –- knowing how to hear the music is every bit as important as knowing where to put your fingers on the fretboard.

No matter what the style may be, it is always best to include songs that are of interest to you. This makes the lessons more inspiring and, in turn, more educational.

What Style Should I Play?

If you are just starting out on your musical journey, and are still unsure what style you want to play, all the information you need is here. There are three main styles to guitar - acoustic, classical and electric - and each comes with a whole world of songs, technique and musicality to discover. But that said, there is of course plenty of crossover - many of the great players and pioneers of guitar brought different disciplines from different styles - and once you learn one style, learning to play in another will come a lot easier. Click on to the Acoustic, Classical or Electric pages to find out more.

What About Grades?

It is by no means necessary, but still recommended to follow the graded examinations developed by RGT and the London College of Music, as not only do they provide a structured and professional approach to learning, but they also help you achieve set goals, offer a grade certified by the QCA and you can also earn UCAS points. For classical guitar, the theory, scales and repertoire from Trinity College and London College of Music syllabus are both offered.

How do Lessons Work?

Lessons are set at a duration of 45 minutes, At the studio there is an electric, classical and acoustic guitar available for you to use should you be unable to bring your own. It is recommended to attend one lesson per week, regardless of the style you want to play.

If you prefer to have lessons at your home or over Skype, they will work exactly the same way - with all accompanying lesson material provided.

Cancellations are charged at the full lesson rate if there is less than 24 hours notice.