If you want to play electric-based songs, you can really only do it on an electric guitar. Although everything is laid out the same way on an acoustic or classical guitar, you will soon discover there is a world of difference between each instrument.How songs and notes are played on electric differs greatly and there are many techniques that you won't find in acoustic and classical styles. Here are just some of the areas covered:

• Basic chords and scales
• Power chords, barre chords and chord shapes along the fretboard
• Theory behind chord structure and different styles
• Strumming, timing and alternate rhythm patterns
• Introduction and theory behind different genres (Rock, Pop, Reggae, Alternative, Jazz, Blues, Folk)
• Lead improvisation and techniques (hammer-ons, pull-offs, note bending etc.)
• Improvisation tricks and theory
• Open Tuning – chords, scales and well-known pieces
• Slide/ Lap-steel techniques
• Tablature and music notation
• Songwriting theory and techniques
• Advanced strumming, finger picking and combination rhythm styles
• Maintaining and caring for your instrument