Intermediate level can cover a wide range of abilities, though most people – especially those that have been self-taught – find there can be some gaps in their theory knowledge or range of techniques. No matter what aspect of your guitar playing you feel could do with some fine tuning, it will be covered!

As everyone comes with different needs – especially when they have already been playing for a while – it is best to get in contact to discuss what stage you are at and how you would like to reach the next level in your guitar playing.

Here are just some of the areas covered for each style:



  • Song structure and writing theory
  • The CAGED system and how to build any chord shape on the fretboard
  • Fingerpicking and adding new rhythms to existing patterns
  • What scales to play and when is the right time to play each note
  • Alternate and Open Tunings
  • The modes and their applications
  • Learning chord progressions for different styles
  • Blues, Rock and Folk licks and how to create your own
  • Scratch-picking and other alternate picking techniques
  • Hybrid Picking
  • Slide/ Dobro Style Picking



  • Developing slurs, tremolo, vibrato and other soling techniques
  • Choosing what scale to play over a chord progression
  • How to build a melodic sounding solo that makes musical sense
  • Drills to increase finger movement on the fretboard
  • Muting and syncopation of rhythm
  • Hybrid Picking
  • Combining different scales
  • Soloing with Modes
  • Adding passing chords to a progression
  • Extended chords and how to use them
  • Open tuning methods
  • Bottleneck soloing
  • How to Solo over Blues progressions
  • Understanding effects and when to apply them
  • Recording techniques for electric guitar



  • Understanding structure and application of arpeggios further up the neck
  • Playing pieces in awkward keys
  • Experimenting with Alternate Tunings
  • Incorporating Picking and Strumming techniques from Flamenco/ Bossa Nova styles
  • Listening theory and sight-reading development
  • Late Romantic and 20th Century pieces